Decent Housing Now!

One of our rallies for rent control - by Whipps Cross roundabout

One of our rallies for rent control – by Whipps Cross roundabout

During the local election campaign in May 2014 we promised to campaign for decent affordable housing, regardless of the outcome. 5,482 votes show a big support for the policies we were putting forward, and we’re now stepping up the campaign. We are trying to collect 2,000 signatures on our rent control petition which would force the council to debate the issue and let us speak in the council chamber to make our case. You can download a copy to print and circulate paper_petition_template_rentcontrol

Rent control
Stop rip off landlords! A cap on rents in the private sector to bring private rents in line with social housing rents. The council is already bringing in a compulsory register of private landlords – they should refuse to issue a license to landlords letting overcrowded, poor quality housing at rip-off rents. They could also set up a council-run, not-for-profit letting agency.

Rent councils
The government’s definition of ‘affordable’ means nothing to most of us. The people of Waltham Forest should democratically decide the rent levels. The council could establish committees of housing workers, tenants and the local trade unions to set the rents.

A programme of house-building and renovation
Use the council’s reserves and borrowing powers to build and renovate enough decent quality social housing for all those who want it and campaign for the government to divert its private developer subsidy to a mass programme of building social housing.

Bring all housing association stock and housing services back in-house
Privatisation has driven up costs. You can’t control what you don’t own. The council should run all social housing and housing services itself for the best value and accountability to the community.

Axe the bedroom tax
The bedroom tax is forcing the poorest and most vulnerable out of their homes. The council should immediately stop the implementation of the tax and associated eviction proceedings.

Waltham Forest TUSC supporters protest outside the town hall against the bedroom tax

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