Why we’re standing: Wood Street candidates

Lee Hawksbee

Wood Street candidates are Lee Hawksbee and Steve Poole:

On 22nd May we will be standing as TUSC candidates in the local elections in Wood Street, where we both live. We are standing because we are tired of all politicians and councillors from the main parties voting for cuts and privatisation of our services. We live in one of the top 10 richest countries in the world so it is a lie that cuts are essential. Since the crisis in 2008, the incomes of the richest have soared but workers are forced to cope with declining wages and reduced services. We don’t need councillors that have already decided to stick their hands up and vote for cuts; we need people that will fight to secure the funding that our borough needs. As representatives of TUSC we will do this.

Education, Education, Education…Profit
● No Cuts at Woodside Academy

TUSC opposed Woodside School becoming an Academy and believe that all schools in the borough should be democratically owned and managed by those who deliver the service, not simply handed over to be controlled by unaccountable private interests. Since becoming an Academy, staff at Woodside School are facing cuts and changes to their working conditions. As councillors we will continue the TUSC campaign to bring this school back under local authority control and to oppose ALL cuts to the pay and working conditions of the dedicated staff.

Wood Street Clinic
Have you tried desperately in vain to contact Wood Street Clinic by telephone? It is an unspoken acknowledgement that you have to physically go there to make an appointment. We believe that this is not the fault of the staff, but is due to cuts and an overstretched health service. Quite simply we would campaign for more resources for the borough’s essential health services.

Housing crisis
● Decent Council Housing – No Sell-Offs

In 2014 everyone deserves to live in decent housing with a secure tenancy. The lack of adequate housing in the borough has forced workers into the arms of rip-off private landlords who provide sub-standard accommodation at inflated prices. There are already plans to re-develop areas in Wood Street, but we can’t allow the same sort of development that has happened elsewhere in the borough. Land and buildings that were once publicly owned have been given over to private building companies or housing associations to make a profit. These properties that spring up do not solve the housing crisis, they merely profit from a crisis situation. As councillors we will campaign for:
• Rent controls to regulate private landlords
• A massive programme of investment to build and renovate council homes
‘Regeneration’ in Wood Street must not mean increased rents, insecure tenancies and sell offs of council properties. The people of Wood Street deserve improved housing and public space, not profit driven developments that price them out of the area.

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