Why I’m standing: Kevin Parslow, Leyton


I am a Branch Secretary for Unite the Union in Waltham Forest. When I represent Unite members, I have to deal with the consequences of the government’s austerity measures and the failure of the Labour council to fight them, preferring to pass on cuts to the workforce and people of the borough. I was born in Walthamstow and now live in Leyton Ward and I see how cuts are impacting on the public services relied upon by people living and working in this borough. I am standing for TUSC because I believe that we need a real alternative to the cuts and austerity of the main political parties. To do that, we need a new political force, one that represents ordinary people, and TUSC is beginning to play that role. We can have a better future but not with politicians who favour big business and their friends. Working people should join with TUSC to build a better future based on a programme of no to cuts, jobs for all, a publically owned NHS and a free, genuinely comprehensive education system.

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