Why I’m standing: Glenroy Watson, Chapel End

Glenroy Watson speaking at a TUSC meeting following the death of RMT general secretary Bob Crow

I am Glenroy Watson. I’m 57 years old and have spent more than half of my life – 35 years – in the transport industry.
I am currently a driver on the Victoria line and an active member of the RMT union.
I am a member of the Equality Impact Assessment Joint Working Party, looking at how TFL’s proposed job cuts will impact on vulnerable sections of our workforce, the community and the traveling public at large.
I can report that these cuts are not fit for anyone.
TFL’s plan is called “Fit for the future” because unless you are fully fit, and remain so, you have no future with London Underground as a worker or passenger.
This is a Con-Dem austerity attack, led by Boris Johnson. The transport system belongs to all of us and is just a cash cow for Westminster.
Funding for public transport has always been an open dishonest secret.
Fares are up!
Numbers of passengers are up!
Millages are up!
Customer satisfaction is up!
So we’ll have to cut staff!!??!
That’s how Lundon Underground managers announced the destruction of 950 jobs.
You could not make it up

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