Why we’re standing: Higham Hill candidates

We are Louise Cuffaro and Mike Cleverley. We are asking you to support us in the council elections on 22 May. We will be candidates for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) – a group set up to challenge the hold of the three main political parties.
Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrats scrap over who’s to blame for the mess our borough is in. The fact is, they are all three to blame.
Services slashed, libraries closed, declining schools and less facilities for the elderly can all be blamed on the Tory government and its LibDem partners. But where is the fightback from our Labour councillors? They prefer to pass on coalition cuts while drawing massive allowances we all pay for.
As TUSC candidates we are fighting to build thousands of affordable rented houses for rent control, with real teeth, to drive bad landlords and agents out of business.
Falling standards in our schools, compared to the rest of London, are down to the rush to create academies, opening the way to schools for profit, not kids. We will fight this process. Parents and teachers should run schools, not academy firms.
This Labour council should set a budget to provide for services people in Waltham Forest need and campaign with other councils to make the government pay for the millions stolen from the budget by the coalition government.
Today’s councillors get huge allowances, paid for by you – over £1 million last year! We promise only to claim for money we lose by being a councillor. The gravy train must stop here!

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