Why we’re standing: High Street candidates


Nancy Taaffe, sacked library worker:
“I have lived in Walthamstow for 30 years, I had my children in Whipps Cross and they both went to local schools. I worked in Waltham Forest Library service for 12 years, first at the big Central Library in the Market and then at Wood Street Library. I lost my job in January 2012 in phase 12 of the cuts.
The current High Street councillors, including cabinet members Clare Coghill and Liaquat Ali of the Labour Party, voted through these cuts. We now have 700 fewer jobs for our young people. Our youth services, which Clare Coghill is portfolio holder for, have been deemed some of the most cut in London – what a record!
Cynically the Labour council has spruced up the crossroads and pavements in this election year. But they have also already agreed another £40 million of cuts – they are not publicising this fact until they have your vote.
In TUSC we believe Clare Coghill and Liaquat Ali took the easy option, keeping their jobs and positions and believing that people like you would have no choice but to always vote them in. This time you have a choice.
We oppose the land-grab and speculation that is taking place in High Street ward. The properties being built are expensive boxes and will not solve the housing crisis. We also think that people who have small business that are linked to property development should not be councilors, in the interest of transparency and accountability.
The racist division of parties like Ukip is no solution. We stand for a united campaign to turn the tide. We want the rich to be taxed, the privatised industries to be brought back into public control and for the money to be spent on creating decent jobs and homes for all.

(Senan) Thanabalasingham Uthayasenan, Socialist Party activist:
“Having lived some years in High Street ward, I have sadly witnessed the deteriorating conditions in
this borough. Campaigning against cuts to jobs and services I have often joined protests at the Town Hall. One Labour councillor told me in no uncertain terms that not only would they not oppose the cuts – they were proposing them! But the council has a choice – they could refuse to wield the Tory axe but don’t. I stand long with other TUSC candidates to fight austerity.

Marvin Hay, local government worker:
“I work in housing for a council in a neighbouring borough so I know all about the housing crisis we’re facing in London. TUSC calls for rent controls to bring rents down and for a mass programme to build and renovate council houses.
Everyone should be able to afford a decent place to live – TUSC would make sure we can.

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