Why we’re standing: William Morris candidates

Ken, Paula and Mike – local residents standing against the cuts

Ken and Paula are local parents
“We have lived in William Morris for thirteen years. Our two daughters have attended Winns Primary and Willowfield Secondary schools.
“We campaigned with dinner ladies and parents when the Labour council tried to privatise school dinners. When the teachers at our girls’ primary school were forced to fight against threats to pay and conditions, we organised a campaign of parents to support them. When Blackhorse Lane was proposed as a possible new waste incinerator site, Paula helped set up a campaign with local people, Residents Against Pollution. All of these campaigns were successful!
“As members of the Socialist Party, we have campaigned locally to defend Whipps Cross hospital, against the bedroom tax, to stop the racist English Defence League when they tried to march up Forest Road, against the war in Iraq and many other issues”

Michael McClinton is a retired train driver and member of the RMT rail union
“I have lived in east London since 1977 and in Walthamstow since 1985.
“For a long time I was involved with the local Labour Party and was chair of the local ward when it was known as Lloyd Park, before the reorganisation of the ward boundaries when it became William Morris.
“During this period local people worked hard to improve the area and introduced popular changes such as the controlled parking zone around the station.
“Those of us who found it difficult to park outside our own houses prior to this change will know what a difference it has made.
“It is crucial in these local elections to make the government coalition partners realise that they cannot go on cutting benefits and services for the most vulnerable in society.”

In William Morris vote:
Kenneth Douglas
Michael McClinton
Paula Mitchell

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