Why I’m standing: Dan Gillman, Markhouse

Dan stewarding one of the anti-Iraq war demonstrations

Local Teacher
As a teacher at Kelmscott School for 10 years I’ve shown my commitment to providing all our children in Markhouse ward with a good quality education.
For much of my time at Kelmscott I was an active trade union representative and campaigned hard to ensure that children received the best education, teaching and facilities possible in the face of cuts from both the Labour council and Tory government.
Finally, as a history teacher in our community, many of you will have heard plenty about my views on all sorts of world issues in my lessons and are no doubt very well placed to make a decision about whether to support me or not!

My wife and I moved to Walthamstow 10 years ago to start a family and came here because it was one of the few affordable areas for public sector workers to live. Sadly, due to the privatisation of housing, racketeering landlords and a lack of investment in affordable housing, Walthamstow is no longer accessible to ordinary people like us.
Walthamstow has a proud history of good quality, imaginative social housing – as all the Warner houses and flats will testify. It’s scandalous that the local Labour council has turned its back on this inheritance.
As a TUSC candidate I will campaign vigorously to implement rent control and make sure that that local housing policy supports those who want to contribute to the community, like our nurses, teachers and all low-paid and public sector workers, rather than benefits those who want to milk our community dry with high rents.

Stop the War
As a local trade union and Socialist party activist I have a proud history of supporting the campaign against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was lucky enough to help steward many of the national demonstrations (as my picture will testify) and I was proud to witness the student strikes that erupted at the outset of the war against Iraq.
International solidarity has to be part of our local community campaigns and this is even more the case in a richly mixed community like ours with links to so many parts of the world. International solidarity has to be part of our local community campaigns.

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