We’re off – final four weeks!

It’s confirmed – 33 no-cuts candidates are standing for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in Waltham Forest in May’s council elections – at least one candidate in every ward of the borough. It’s part of a national challenge where more than 500 candidates are standing. We have a really impressive list of workers, community activists and young people – all ready and willing to vote and fight against all cuts.
The work is well underway. Workers at Whipps Cross hospital are meeting twice a week to do activity in the two wards (Forest and Leytonstone) where 5 of their colleagues are standing – 1,000 leaflets have already been given out. Teacher Dan Gillman has given out 2,200 in Markhouse ward where he’s standing. Candidates in Higham Hill ward have given out 800. In High Street ward Socialist Party members will be canvassing three nights a week for the rest of the campaign.

Some of the local ward leaflets

And then there’s the general activity at transport hubs, Mosques, colleges and supermarkets. Our pink flashmob rallies for rent control, highlighting the issue of unaffordable housing, are getting known across the borough.

One of our rallies for rent control - by Whipps Cross roundabout

One of our rallies for rent control – by Whipps Cross roundabout

There are less than four weeks to go until the elections. Labour wants to think that people don’t have any choice but to vote for them – their canvassers have even told our supporters that no socialists are standing! But the truth is that people do have a choice, and have had enough of the three main parties who all essentially stand for the same thing.
If you agree then now is the time to get involved. Get in touch, come to our activity, tell your friends and on 22 May, vote for TUSC – a voice for the 99%.

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